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Fully Undetectable Crypter

Buy FUD Crypter to Protect Your Code from Reverse Engineering

What is the FUD crypter?

In short, FUD crypter is a encryption tool. To clarify, encrypt code. Indeed, download Crypter software and using it helps to secure your data. That is to say, polymorphic crypter or Crypter static are two types of this program. the crypter price of these types has a great price of crypters.

FUD Encryption
Any encrypted files give fully undetectable (FUD) result in Scantime and Runtime. In other words, FUD make your file Secure with encryption methods.

Code Injection
In summary, Powerful unhooked RunPE. So, you can inject your codes into another processes.
Crypter software secretly persists on process and startup registry. Subsequently, the software checks all process and do not let to close or kill the process too.

Startup and Installation
This feature will install the encrypted file in the target system. Also, add it to the system startup. Above all, you can fully customize installation and startup settings too.

Online Scanner
Presently, We design an online scanner service with scan time results. To clarify, it using different anti-virus engines for scanning crypter Apk outputs.


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