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Super SIM 16 in 1 Card with advanced system STK which can combine 16 most frequently used mobile numbers (SIMCards) from different areas, countries or different networks numbers in just one SIM card. A smart design of this MultiSIM can now solve problems for people who own several mobile numbers and always wonder which one to bring when they go out. With this MultiSIM card, you can combine all your mobile numbers in this MultiSIM card.


Feature: Number editor: you can edit the number with numbers, letters or other symbols. Languages option: English, Chinese TRD or Chinese SMP Display set: Not Display, Main Display or Additional Switch Phone Book: Phone Book, STK phone Book Switch SMS: Short Message, STK Short Message Chinese STK Pin: STK Pin(Initial Pin: 0000) Product Info: Super SIM 16in1(You can use Non-driver R2 or R3 card reader to amend the information) Size about : 8.5 x 5.4 x 0.1 cm PIN1/2: 0000 PUK1/P2:12345678 Support for 16 different provider names on the same card. PIN security management like original SIM cards. Storage capacity more than 250 phonebook entries (Can be accessed by all 16 SIM cards). Individual SMS centre number for each of the 16 phone numbers. Storage of 10 last dialed numbers (Used only on some mobile brands). Support for many mobile phones. Be sure that SIM card will be accepted at your mobile phone. Change mobile phone number without turning off mobile phone. Selection of the ratio of SMS/Phonebook entries in the mobile itself. Auto switch to Prime number. The entire decryption and compatibility to comp128 v1 please check your SIM version before the purchaseincludes:1 x 16 in 1 Max SIM Cell Phone Magic Super Card

We give 1 free USD Sim reader/ writer

Set contains:
– 1x Mulit-number SIM card
– 1x USB Sim reader

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