Who are we?

We started our project with selling The best spam tools such as Rat, Bots, Keyloggers, all Remote Administration Tool on the market. We are offering a advanced experience to our customers! Also we will share new free and paid software in future.

Obviously we sell best of the encryption and office exploit market
. Best FUD Crypter and XSL Exploit, DOC Exploits on the market.

  • Customer PrivacyWe care and respect your privacy. We request a minimum of information from you at the time of purchase, and this is only so that we can contact you.
  • Payment MethodsWe use cryptocurrencies as the only payment method and it keeps you and us safe.

What we can do for you

Tools Features

There are many advanced feature 2022

Totally FUD

Our RAT is Fully Undetectable Android Remote Administration Tool. We used self-coded techniques and encryption methods.

Advanced Modules

advanced modules provide an excellent experience to their customers.

24/7 Live Support

We are offering 24/7 Live Support to our customers! You can contact us Directly with our personal support page or Telegram, Discord.

Free Updates

With Free Updates, you’ll be using an up-to-date program for a lifetime.

Works Silent on Device

Flame RAT, works silent on the Victim’s device. Doesn’t drop any suspicious file into the device. All activities work silently.

Web Interface

We offer an easy and understandable web interface and administration panel to our Customers.

Flame RAT Packages